Grief Talk w/ Vonne Solis

Ep. 38 DH Coaching: Yes! We Choose Our Parents

May 10, 2023 Vonne Solis Season 2 Episode 38
Grief Talk w/ Vonne Solis
Ep. 38 DH Coaching: Yes! We Choose Our Parents
Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of my Divine Healing coaching series.  With my interest in metaphysics, a spiritual practice for over 40 years, my work as an Angel Healing Practitioner since 2006 and lived experience,  I take you where it all begins. Choosing our parents!

I am very open about how I credit the Divine with saving my life after my daughter Janaya died by suicide in 2005. I've never looked back. All  of what I teach in the Divine Healing coaching series is based on information channeled to me by the angels, and my daughter on the other side, immediately following her suicide in 2005.

They can be found in my first book "Divine Healing: Transforming Pain Into Personal Power" first published in 2011 and that remain the foundation of all my work today.

You don't have to believe. Not yet! Just have fun painting the picture that is your life as you consider all that you have experienced and with whom as you unravel the pieces of the unseen that offer you the most powerful and lasting healing from whatever you have gone through or are experiencing today.

0:00    Welcome
0:12    Spirituality & metaphysics
2:30    Mediums & angels
3:57   Choosing our parents
5:42    My kids visited me before they were born
8:35    Choosing dysfunction and pain
9:16    Soul contracts & abandonment
11:21  The one thing we want from our parents
16:00  Up in the heavens
18:39  The power in choosing your parents
21:18  Pinning our problems on our parents
24:55  Walking away
26:20  Unconditional love for parents
27:14  Your baggage
28:13  Self-love and healing
29:27  Closing

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