Grief Talk w/ Vonne Solis

Ep. 37 Life Light Love – How To Have More of It All!

May 03, 2023 Vonne Solis/Anne Round Season 2 Episode 37
Grief Talk w/ Vonne Solis
Ep. 37 Life Light Love – How To Have More of It All!
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The Language of Light is a powerful tool for spiritual awakening and connecting with higher realms of consciousness. As a light being who channels the language of light, in this episode, learn from Anne how to maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit and raise your vibration to instantly start creating more healing, love and light in your life.

Anne shares timeless messages from her book “Essences of Truth: Inspirations from Loving Life” and engages in a vibrant conversation on how to feel yourself as energy, how to care for and love yourself more, understand the challenges of our dualistic dimension, connect to your center of power and trust that life will always be for you in the best way possible with you at the helm!

0:00    Welcome
0:32    Meet Anne
5:58    What is energy?
7:30    Bending spoons
11:21  Feel yourself as energy
13:14  How spirit loved ones use energy
14:56  Self-care is NOT selfish
20:07  Self-love mirror exercise
23:05  Our fear of love, trauma and PTSD
28:18  Our dualistic dimension
35:01  DNA - how to change your vibration
43:50  Connect to your center of power
47:45  Why we want control and how to give it up
52:09  Safety and security
57:05  Trust life
58:26  Closing

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Vonne Solis  0:00  
Welcome to another episode of Grief Talk. Everything you want to know about grief and more. I'm your host, Vonne Solis. As an author, life transformation coach, online instructor and bereaved mom since 2005, I'll be bringing you great content that is informative, inspiring and practical. Whether you have suffered a loss or other adversity, stay tuned and tapped in as I cover a variety of topics to help you get where you want to go on your journey to heal and grow. 

Vonne Solis  0:32  
Today's guest is Anne Round. Anne is a retired physiotherapist and author of the book Essences of Truth, Inspirations From Loving Life. A collection of 29 essays that can open us up to new ways of thinking about life, light, and love. Anne is dedicated to maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit and bringing love wherever she shows up. Learn how you too can bring more light and love into your life for balanced, harmonious living. 

Vonne Solis  1:02  
Welcome to the show Anne. I have been so excited to speak with you. We have a lot to cover today audience as per the introduction. Anne was of a former physiotherapist. And she is a light being. She does share messages of love for the world. For our personal healing. For world healing. And it is that that we're going to be focusing on in this episode today. Anne, I just want to start by welcoming you to the show. I'm so grateful you're here.

Anne Round  1:32  
Thank you Vonne. It's a pleasure to be here on your show Grief Talk. And I look forward to our conversation that we're going to excitedly pursue.

Vonne Solis  1:43  
Exactly. So I want to start out Anne, I do have some questions for you. But I do want to start out by saying that I recently got a copy of your book. It's called Essences of Truth, Inspirations for Loving Life. And it was like for me, and I say this absolutely truthfully, visiting an old friend. I got to page one, and I opened it up and I went, Oh my gosh, here's an old friend. And what that means is I haven't read a book of this content and substance for a while. And the minute you read it, I can tell that you are a wonderfully, spiritually gifted healer. And your words are very, very impacting. And I don't say that lightly. So I learned some stuff. I got through part one. And I was like, I had to take notes. It was that impacting for me because I learned some stuff. And one of the things I think that's so important to acknowledge is no matter what age we reach, we're always learning. Even if we're teachers, ourselves, healers, ourselves, we're always learning. That's why I'm excited! Because I'm actually speaking today with someone who's taught me something. And it's this I want to talk with you about to help the audience think about some things in a different way, as you have guided me to do.

Vonne Solis  1:44  
So before I get to the first question, I wanted to just tease the audience and you a little bit with what I was so excited about in part one. And that will be loving the self. The fear we have of love. The dualistic dimension that we live in. And my favorite, DNA. And Anne will expand on the questions I have about DNA. And of course, personal power. We may touch a little bit on control. What I'm referring to here is wanting it to the point that all the colors in the crayon box disappear. So before we get to any of that, I would love to ask you to just delve into your background a little bit. Specifically how you are sharing your work in the world today. And then we'll move on to some other of these questions. So over to you.

Anne Round  3:58  
Wonderful, wonderful. I'm delighted that you're enjoying the book. It gives me great pleasure to know that it's making somebody think and learning something because I think being lifelong learners is such a valuable to have the curiosity. That is why we're here on this planet. To experience things. And curiosity allows us to experience lots of new things. So thank you. 

Anne Round  4:22  
What I do now is, I actually spend a lot of time supporting people. And I do podcasts and I have my book out in the world. And I spend a lot of time in reflection and contemplation. So I tend to lead a pretty contemplative life. The book, I talk about loving yourself a lot and things like that. And my beliefs now are even expanding to how love and source and the energies of the world circulate within us and then move out in the world. And it's really not totally our business what love is doing in the world. And that sort of letting go of that control piece is allowing love to move through me so I'm a conduit of love, at this point is how I would sort of sum up what I do. And I came to it starting out with meditation 25 odd years ago when I had young children. I had a husband who was away a lot. I had an elderly father. And I was just feeling a lot of pressure from a lot of directions, and I went into meditation. And then I went into learning how to do shamanic journeying. And at every step, I was enticed by the world of energy and what's happening in our body. As a physiotherapist, I've always been interested in health and wellness. And so I've just pursued that. And that's what I, how I work in the world now.

Vonne Solis  5:58  
How do you describe energy so that the audience would understand it?

Anne Round  6:03  
Beautiful question. Well, firstly, everything is energy. Everything is composed of, of energy moving. And even though we see a table in front of us, it is actually molecules and atoms in motion. And in that motion that's the energetic of life in that. So we as humans are made up of all sorts of cells. Trillions of cells. Within those cells we have DNA. And those are made up of proteins. And they are then again, can be broken down into smaller and smaller particles. I mean, we even call them quirks and quarks at some level of physics. So everything is in motion. And energy is something that's always in motion. So it's a continual flow that is occurring in our world. Of course, in our world, we all have some people come along and say to us, oh, that person's a very high energy person. Somebody else is a lower energy person. Things like that. Those are judgments on people's personalities and constitutions. But we are all energy. We are all having motion occurring within us.

Vonne Solis  7:30  
Years ago, that's when I started to shift my understanding and awareness of energy as molecules. And every single thing, even those inanimate objects are moving cells. It's moving energy. And I think the discussion then was something around, if you looked at it long enough, the thing could change. Bending spoons. Like years and years and years ago, I bent a spoon. I did a three day, you know, weekend, and one of the first things we did this was when I was in my mid- 20s, we bent spoons. And the process took about maybe 30 minutes. And it was just feeling the spoon change in however long it took you. It took me about 30 minutes. And warm up. And then listen, it just, neowww. And people were making shapes with it. You could twist it. You could do anything with the spoon. And so the reason I'm asking this and I'm starting this because we're going to be getting into some questions where thinking of the body as energy and vibration is going to be very important. On the simplest level, what could a person do to think of themselves as energy?

Anne Round  8:37  
One thing that comes firstly, into my mind is to realize that energy is everywhere. So you know, when we receive, when our radio receives a signal, and then transmits it out into our living room, then that is energy. That is energy in motion. It's sound energy that's been transmitted. And we live in a bath of energies at all time. Similar to a fish living in the ocean. The fish doesn't really know it's in water. And we don't really know that on a day to day, minute by minute basis that we're in this bath of energy. But it is a bath of energy. So that's one thing to just sort of think about that it really is everywhere.

Vonne Solis  9:28  
Yeah. I love the bath of energy because I could visualize that. Just think about it in terms of, you know, like cords or however one associates, you know, energy, I guess. Which I guess for a lot of people would be electrical, right? Would you say?

Anne Round  9:45  
Often. Another way to think of energy is what is the atmosphere doing? So we have days where we feel a little more pressure when it's very, very cloudy and things like that. And we have days where it's bright and blue and sunny and then it doesn't, we don't feel as much pressure on ourselves. Those are ways we feel energy. And if anybody who's been somewhere where a thunderstorm will develop, you can feel that in the air. You can you can just, you know that a thunderstorm is coming because you can actually feel it in the air. So if you see a thundercloud in the in the distance or whatever, you can just take a moment to become aware of how much can you feel that. And people feel energy in different ways. Some are very cognitive sentient, so they really feel energy. Other people are clairaudience ao they hear energy. Other people are visual and see the energy. So there's all these ways that we actually see, hear, feel, and claircognizant, which is just you just know what is happening. So those are some forms of energy. On a simple basis for people, one of the ways I first was told, is if you just take your hands and bring your hands, I'm holding my hands up right now

Vonne Solis  11:21  

Anne Round  11:21  
if you're not on visual, and if you bring your hands really close together, you can feel that there's something in there.

Vonne Solis  11:30  
Yeah, yeah. Yes, yes! 

Anne Round  11:33  
If you move them apart it changes a little bit.

Vonne Solis  11:35  
It does.

Anne Round  11:36  
You can play with this sort of accordion type of your hands going back and forth. And some people, I don't, but some people will see a little line of energy maybe going across their hands. So that's one way that people can start to play with energy at a really sort of specific level. And then you begin to feel it. And once you pay attention to anything, then you become more aware of it. And that's certainly how I learned and everything is that paying more attention. And then with clients and things, I would, you know, you'd feel that there was something going on. And I'm very claircognizant and I would just, you know, in putting my hands on their bodies, I would be given more information about what was happening in their bodies.

Vonne Solis  12:23  
Yeah. So why this is important to our conversation audience, is because I believe and these are just my words, and Anne I think you agree, obviously, by reading your book, I know you do. So we're all energy beings. And I believe that we return to an energy form when we transcend. And that we are ongoing consciousness. Whether it's light. Whether it's an energetic being. I don't know what it is in the afterlife. But I've certainly had enough proof from my daughter, and others, that just because the physical body is gone, we're not. And so let's just call it energy today. This is why you can have a lot of electrical, not that we're talking about this today, but a lot of electrical interruptions when someone initially passes. They're playing around. It's one of the easiest ways that they can play around with letting us know. 

Vonne Solis  13:14  
And as a little aside, this is a little story. But at Christmas, my son who's 30, likes to tell me, he doesn't really believe in this stuff, okay? And there were four of us sitting at the dinner table. And I think it was on Christmas Eve. And as you do you remember your loved ones gone. And of course, I was thinking about my daughter. She passed away in 2005 for folks that don't know this at age 22. And it was suicide so it's been a difficult journey for me. And it's forced me to question a lot of the things we're even talking about today Anne, and rethink them and expand on them. But anyway, so right in the moment, the perfect moment, the ceiling fan light went on. And so my niece and I looked at each other. My husband who is a believer, okay, yeah, yeah. It could be anybody. But anyway, that's not the story. The story is because my son kept saying, Oh, I think he was joking, but it's Wi Fi. They're all connected to Wi Fi. Yeah, right. Well, it went on a total of three times over Christmas. And that I choose to believe was a little nod from my daughter saying, Hey, I got you, I see you. I'm not with you physically, but I'm there in spirit. And the light is one way that was a demonstration. When my husband's brother died about three years ago, a day or day after that he died, our whole electrical system went out of the car. Took it in for servicing, couldn't find a thing. Nothing. Nothing worked. It was going crazy with the electrical systems malfunctioning. So we just assumed it was his brother. And gotcha, but could you please like not do anything to the car? Anyway. 

Vonne Solis  14:56  
But getting back to us as energy, one of the reasons I wanted to talk a little bit about that and going into these questions from part one of your book, is to help people understand that when they embrace new ideas. New thought. To expand their consciousness and just want more that, you know, we don't have to just be these heavy corporeal physical bodies that can weigh us down in just so many ways, is I wanted to start with loving the self. And your messages on each of these points in in your part one of your book Anne, are so poignant. It's like, I wanted to talk about them because these are issues that I think that people struggle with. And so my little note I had to myself is that, number one, in talking about this, you're talking about, you know, people need self-care. We really, really need self-care and loving the self is one of the most important things we can do. But I think a lot of people are afraid of love. And I don't think they know how to take care of themselves. I almost think it's the number one job that we have. So I just wanted to know if you could speak a little bit if you agree that people really don't know how to take care of themselves. And what's one or two things they could do to just start to be aware that it's important. Like and yes, I do deserve to take care of myself.

Anne Round  16:25  
People will often think that taking care of yourself is being selfish. This is not true. Because the truth of the matter is that if we don't take care of ourselves, we can't take care of anybody else. And that's what I learned also as a physio, was that unless I took care of myself, I couldn't show up for my clients. And so I had to make sure I had enough sleep. That I had time outside. That I had exercise. That I had time to relax, things like that. All those things I had to fit in while raising three children, also. So I get that our lives are can be so hectic, but you just have to grab whatever little times you can. For me in that certainly in that time, now I have the luxury of time and I can luxuriate in taking time to meditate for an hour and things like that. But at the time, what I would do is I would wake up five or 10 minutes early, and I would just lie on my back and I would do some deep breathing. And I would just gather myself. And it was like it's a little meditation, but it's gathering. And in that time, you can say your prayers if you have somebody you're concerned about, or if you've woken up out of a dream, just to settle. Settle before you start the day. And then I would ride my bike, a five minute bike ride to work. And during that time, I'd be like saying my prayers on the bike. And so it was always for me in those very busy times slotting it in. And it might be as little as saying, thank you to The Universe when you didn't hit a red light. You go, hey, thanks. 

Anne Round  18:21  
So for the self-care for people themselves, it may be you know, climbing into a hot bath once a week, and putting on some nice music you like and a candle and really letting yourself sink into the pleasure of a hot bath. And if that isn't your pleasure, then you need that your pleasure may be taking that time and going for a run. And if that's your pleasure, well then sink into it while you're out running. Feel your feet on the earth. Feel the trees that are around you. Look at the flowers. Take it in. So, you know, one of the I heard this a day or two ago and it was talking about spirituality really being interacting with the natural world. I thought oh, that's so good. Because that's what it is. Being part of your own life. Not being a robot in your life. Caring for yourself. Looking at yourself in the mirror in the morning and going, I love you. Or Hi! Have a good day. 

Vonne Solis  19:28  

Anne Round  19:29  
Even that is a positive expression towards your, your being that is in the mirror. That you're addressing in the mirror. 

Vonne Solis  19:39  

Anne Round  19:39  
There's lots of little ways of doing it. I mention a lot of these little ways because I think people's time is so compacted in our lives these days. And everybody thinks oh, I don't have time. But those small motions of self -care, your body, your mind, your heart will open to them. And then you'll find yourself giving yourself more. And that leads to loving yourself.

Vonne Solis  20:07  
I remember and I'm, I'm speaking about this very quickly for audience members. So when I lost my daughter, obviously, there was a lot of guilt and regret I felt. And no self-worth and all that kind of stuff. And this went on for quite a while. But I'm going right back to the beginning months. I wouldn't say days or weeks, but months when I could look at myself in the mirror. And today, you wouldn't know I was the same person. But I would challenge anybody, if they're coming from any, any sort of feeling of un-deservingness. Just just not even being aware of loving themselves. So let's just leave it at that. And to when you're looking in the mirror, and maybe you're putting on the makeup, and for people that don't wear makeup, whatever gender, you're just looking in the mirror, doing your hair, whatever. But really, and Anne, I'll bet you've done this. Stop and really look in your eyes. Really look in your eyes, and embrace every single bit of pain and joy. And sometimes they're just really intense eyes because you've come to the planet to have an incredible experience that reflects the intensity in your eyes. The eyes are the absolute doorway to your soul. And really study and look at them and then as Anne says, say I love you. But I would add, add your name. Because if you just sit there and go, I love you. Yeah. But then you go, I really love you Vonne, or your name, it completely changes the interaction you're having with yourself. Would you agree Anne?

Anne Round  21:40  
I totally agree with that. Because when you say, you know, I love you and you can and adding your name, what I feel is that I'm speaking, when I first started, I'm actually really speaking to that reflection in the mirror. But it's immediately speaking back to me, because that's what's happening. And I personally would feel this energy sort of just come into my heart and into my solar plexus area when I would do that. And so it moved it from a mental thing of just utilizing words to actually feeling the loop that I was creating with myself. Because every time I say I love you, to someone to myself or someone else, I'm actually my body hears it first. My body gets to be the first thing to respond. It gets to go, Oh, you know. And I may just be saying I love you, to you Vonne. But my body doesn't know that. My body only hears in every little cell of my body that's always listening and it's always receiving, it hears, I love you. And there is just a relaxation and an opening within every cell of your being when you do that.

Vonne Solis  23:05  
So it's really worth doing it for yourself on a regular basis. Now, I just want to touch very quickly on the fear we have of love. I don't know why we're so afraid of love. Receiving, especially. Giving maybe less so. But one thing I do have you say in your book, you know, our essence is light and love. That's who we are. So I wanted to just ask if you had any tip for someone who can't love themself today, is there one or two things they can do to I mean, and this also goes with kindness, but just to be kind to themself and to really think about embracing love for themselves?

Anne Round  23:50  
Mostly we appear to be able to give love better than we are able to receive. Most of that is set up by our societal conditioning far beyond just our basics. Every baby that comes into the world just exudes love. 

Vonne Solis  24:09  

Anne Round  24:10  
It all gets covered up when society and parents and friends and whatever put expectations on that it gets all piled up. And then we forget that we are love. And that that is the thing. So for someone who truly is in a paradigm where they do not feel that they deserve or can receive love, honestly the best thing is borrow a dog or a cat from someone for a short period. Because the animals are always exuding love like that newborn. 

Vonne Solis  24:50  

Anne Round  24:50  
They can't not do that because that is who they are. And in actual fact, we cannot stop love either but we have this mental capacity that can interfere with it. If we can hush our brain enough and our mind, we are pure love. So one of the things that I always speak, I try to speak of is that I, you know, the word love has all those romantic connotations. Everything like that. I had to shift the word love for myself. I use an acrostic light of vitality everywhere. So when I was first learning to love myself, I would imagine light just coming in just coming from the heavens flowing down and over me. And that it's that it's life force. This is the life force I am. And so this is a really different thing than expecting another human to give us the love. Because another human is their own history, their own biology. They're in their own cocoon. And it's not that they can't exude love, because they do. Because it is simply a light that travels into us and travels out. It is there. But then for us to receive it, is just to start the opening. So I would say that somebody who's having trouble feeling like they can't receive love, you need to first imagine the angels, imagine guides, imagine whatever you need to imagine, and that it's pouring down and into every piece of you. Every cell. And then when you have come to a point where you can see that, then you can find it in yourself. You realize it's all part of you. And then you can play. You can 

Vonne Solis  27:02  

Anne Round  27:02  
play with yourself in the mirror. You can play with that pet. Then you can play with another person, you know. And  ultimately what we want to learn is to never withhold love. So that love is forever moving through us and out into the world. And that we don't stop it because of those mind ego concepts that are holding us back. And it doesn't mean that we're suddenly going around and hugging every person we meet. There's many people that can't have that type of intimate contact, because that's intimate contact. Doesn't mean I can't stand back and just open my doors of love. 

Vonne Solis  27:49  

Anne Round  27:49  
towards that person. 

Vonne Solis  27:51  

Anne Round  27:52  
A bit of intention, that oh, that person is going through something tough. May the love that I am and they are be felt.

Vonne Solis  28:02  
That's really beautiful Anne. I'll all speak to the people who might be dealing with trauma or another type of mental health issue that forces us to, I live with PTSD. I know all about the Whoa, boundaries. And the for some reason it's it's in the brain and survival and all that stuff. And we don't want to embrace it too much. I think it's the trusting thing. I don't trust you enough to get you, you know, let you into into this, you know, boundary and so on. Which can be really hurtful to loved ones. But I love the idea of you know, I'm having this vision of just embracing. And so, what I want to say is we can be vessels of love. And we can express love even if we can't feel it to the degree we want to feel it for ourselves or physically open that up in a more intimate way. I just mean by that hugging. That sort of thing. Letting them into your space. I get that it's a problem for many people. But even just start with opening yourself up thinking, you know, letting letting that energy and vibration and light and love flow into your body and let it do its magic. 

Vonne Solis  28:18  
I wanted to touch next on the dualistic dimension that we live in. Some of us struggle and some of us just recognize and manage the dualistic nature of this human experience. You basically say that it is a dualistic dimension that we live in, which allows us to make choices. So for the audience that may not have heard about the dualistic dimension, or is aware of it intellectually, it's, as you say, each of us gets to choose our way of believing life is for us. I totally love that. And so speaking about the dualistic dimension in that term, they have a choice to choose how they want life to work for them, right?

Anne Round  29:59  
Yes. We truly do. We always have choice. That is the one thing we do have. We have freewill to make choice. We have freewill to change our past choices. It is the element in my mind that we have control over. So we live in a dualistic world. We live in a polarity. We live where there's left, there's right. There's up there's down. This is the human condition. And this is what becoming a human is, is to enter from, we were talking earlier about being energy when we die from this life. We become energy. From that energy, we return to this life, if you believe in reincarnation. And if you don't, then that's your choice. So in my world, I believe in reincarnation. So I believe we cycle out. And we're in an energy field of greater unity and greater oneness. And then we we come back in. And once, when we come back in, people will say we are covered with veils, or whatever, but we are then separated from that complete unity. And so we're in, in separating from that complete unity, we enter into this dimension of polarity. So one of, to sort of move into the same conversation we've had, is that we have a choice to love something, or we have a choice to fear something. 

Vonne Solis  31:36  
Mm hmm. 

Anne Round  31:37  
It's one particular polarity. And, you know, we just we get to choose. I often talk about our divine nature, and our human nature. And what we're doing now, at this point in history on planet Earth, as humans is, we are allowing more of our divinity to descend into our humanity. Anybody that's heard that things are shifting, stuff like that

Vonne Solis  32:04  

Anne Round  32:04  
this is how I look at it. But there is that polarity of the Divinity being one side of something and the human being another, but they need to come together. 

Vonne Solis  32:21  

Anne Round  32:21  
I often talk in triangles. So I'll say, I'm human on one point and I'm divine on another point. And then both of them come together in the tip of the triangle. And then I'm whole.

Vonne Solis  32:34  
Oh, I love that. 

Anne Round  32:36  
And so that's one way I'll think of things. And I mean, even we can do black and white becomes gray when we mix it together. And think of all those beautiful different shades of grey in the world. You know, again, it comes back to when I said earlier, we get to make a choice. I get to make a choice whether I'm going to withhold love or I'm going to allow love to flow forth. Those are two opposites because again, we are opposites. I, for me, find that allowing the love to flow forward makes me feel better, happier, joyful, peaceful, calm. When I withhold, I feel a resistance. And so, you know, I made that make that choice. Oh, wow, that feels like there's some resistance there. I'm going to change my choice.

Vonne Solis  33:36  
What I just want to add here really briefly, because we could talk about, we could do a whole episode on just duality and choice. And we don't have time for that. But what I just want to say to anyone watching this or listening to this, and you're stuck in a situation that you absolutely think you can't get out of. You want to but you think you can't. And I've been there before. Anne, you've probably been there before. When you open yourself up to all the things we've talked about to this point. That you're energy and all the other things, light love. The more you embrace that and the more you will trust yourself to allow the universe to deliver, even if you don't quite know what you want, the way will be shown to you what to do next. Take it step by step. You don't have to be stuck. And duality shows us this in many ways. Health, light, dark forces, good bad people, you know. In every way that you can think of there is duality, like Anne was mentioning. And it comes to all of us and we get to choose which, you know, type of energy we want to mostly function from. And I say mostly, because I don't always sustain it within myself, the true nature of how I know I am, but I can bring myself to center pretty quickly. So that's the for me the key is having the tools to be able to get to center. 

Vonne Solis  35:01  
Which leads me to DNA. So you say DNA is activated by light. And you talk about the conflict and tightening of DNA and the relaxation and loosening of DNA. And we're 75% water. And we can change the vibration. And you point to the work of Masaru Emoto. And so I went and I looked up his website. And I'll put that in the link below for people that may be interested. And they talk about and they show images of molecules changing with language. So negative language and what that water molecule looks like, and then gracious, divine type words, love, gratitude, and so on and how the molecule shifts. And it looks to me, like I looked at them, and all of them had six points with a center. I've been playing around with putting my hand over my cup of water or my tea beverage, and asking the Divine and Source to change those molecules to molecule anyway that's divine. And while I can't say I'm 100%, yes, I can taste the difference, I think I can because my taste buds have been off a little bit. More importantly, and here's what I wanted to talk briefly with you about. Again, we could do a whole episode on it. It's the changing of the DNA. Relaxing and loosening my DNA for balance. And I'm so excited about that because it's working. In a traumatic state you live in anxiety or with anxiety, I should say and constant stress, because the brain is keeping you in survival mode. So if you are living with something that's causing you anxiousness and stress, we've got to change the inner vibration. So this is where I just wanted to acknowledge and if there's anything you wanted to add about the importance of the DNA and relaxing and loosening it within us, I'm telling you Anne, this has been the thing that is instantly calming me. Just want to say. So if there's anything you want to add.

Anne Round  37:20  
I do. I do. I would like to add. One, I would like to acknowledge Gregg Braden's work on this, because that's where I first heard about this, these concepts. Being a bit of a science person myself, that, you know, I like I like, I like to hear the science of things. And so the science is that they took just DNA out of like a saliva mucosal membrane thing, just like sending your DNA testing in to 23andme or somewhere else. And they moved it further away from the source person, and saw that the DNA reacted the same way the person reacted in a room ten miles away. So that's one part of it. The other part was that they would have the samples of DNA in one spot. They would have the person being shown pictures of things in front of them. Joyous. Traumatic. And that's when they saw what the DNA did. So I think of it like a slinky. For DNA to replicate, it opens up. The RNA comes in and create new proteins to create molecules. To allow that to happen, our DNA, the DNA strand needs to unwind a little bit. That's when you're going to get the best replication. What they found is when they showed people the joyous pictures, the DNA relaxed. Therefore it was able to receive and to create the best replication. 

Vonne Solis  38:56  
Yeah, I love that.

Anne Round  38:57  
When these people were shown horrific pictures, the DNA contracted and then became tight and denser. And so it speaks of, you know, density versus lightness. Closure versus opening. And it depends on what we are being exposed to. And yes, we've been exposed to a traumatic situation in some nature, we can then choose to use beauty, humor, other things to help us move through these things. And so much in our society, we think, especially if it has involved a person like your daughter, you think, Oh, but I can't be happy because this happened. But the very best thing we can do for the person who you know, for the person impacted, is that we can be happy. We do open our DNA. We do allow creation to occur in a relaxed manner. The other piece, I always in the shamanic work I do, I would end up in like a cave somewhere and I would be wanting to do, I was in healing, doing some healing work on myself. And I'd end up in this cave on a on a bed of some nature. And there would be all this pink light flowing around me. And when I saw that pink light, I knew there was a level of relaxation in my entire body. That's for me. Everybody's gonna have their own little indicators. But it was very important. 

Anne Round  40:37  
And in my work in physio, I was very insistent that my clients were given, you know, we used a lot of electrotherapy at that time. You know, I would treat the patient, and then I would have them in a hot pack. And I'd have them lie for about 15 minutes. And regardless of whether the modalities were doing what they were doing, what that client needed was 15 minutes to just integrate the relaxation so their DNA could begin to heal. So the blood would increase to flow. Because if we have density and even in the DNA, it can't work. If we have density in our tissues, they aren't, there's not going to be blood flow, and then they won't get better. So there's this thing about opening. Opening our mind. Opening our heart. Opening our possibilities. It's just about lightness, and opening and allowing that when we do that, flow can occur. Creation can enter us and flow into the world. 

Vonne Solis  41:51  
Yeah. Hence, folks healing. Expanding your consciousness. Allowing yourself to become a vessel of light and love. By the way, working with angels, pink is is love.

Vonne Solis  42:01  
Moving quickly to personal power, this was very impacting for me, Anne, when you say that we have been conditioned to forget our own power, and instead believe in another person's story of power. And I brought that up for this episode. It works, it's all tying together. I've been building a story here for the audience. So when we've reached the point that we get that we're energy. We get that we're vessels of light, and love. And that all of these things, all goodness, all positive thoughts, no matter what is happening around us or in the world, impact what's going on in our body. To bring it to balance through relaxation and other techniques. You question why we give in to another's story of power. And whether you want to speak to that and expand on that just a little bit, I want the audience to consider, are they doing that themselves? Have they forgotten their power within? I would ask you to explain where, I know you did in the book, where your center of power is, so they can connect to it themselves. But be very very mindful of whether or not in any situation, we are giving in to another person's story of power? Which quite often can be a negative experience. Controlling and so on. It's something that's robbing us of our own power. It can be life itself. Do you want to speak to that a little bit Anne?

Anne Round  43:41  
Let me just start with where I consider our Power Center is. Our um, there's other words for it

Vonne Solis  43:50  

Anne Round  43:50  
Like I use the word Dantian a lot. So some people call it your center point. Our one point. And it's kind of in your navel. It's sort of behind your belly button in the back there a bit - the concept. And that's really just to give it a location. When we breathe, we want to breathe into our own power center. So that's abdominal breathing. Breathing in into the, into our base. Into our into our abdominals. Allowing the abdominals to expand and then breathing out and exhaling. And letting, letting that come from down below. Again, these are relaxation breaths. These are ways we open up. There's lots of stuff on breathing in the world. That's another topic entirely. So so that that is where our power kind of resides. And you know, and it's right in our gut, you know? Our gut is right there. It's a very powerful area of our body. 

Anne Round  44:59  
So this is where we center. And when we give our power away to someone else. That someone else essentially comes along and tells us this is the way the world is. The sky is purple. Am I going to believe that? Where do I check in on that right? So I'm going to take that statement, the sky is purple, and I'm going to bring it to my center. And then what I feel is, I either feel a contraction or an expansion in my center. Now, when I said the sky is purple, I immediately felt my gut go, no it's not! My visual field, the sky is blue. So, I mean, that's a very simple example of that. But when people come to us, and say, you have to do X, Y, and Z, if we can take that piece of information into our center point, and that is where our intuition lives, we can learn to say yay or nay. In actual fact, in human design there's some lovely things that if you some, if you're a certain type of person, you'll hear yourself go, I'm that type of person, and you'll hear yourself go, Uh huh. Uh huh. Or, ah, ah, ah ah. And that is basically a yes/no response in my place of power.

Vonne Solis  46:47  
I want people to think about what Anne is saying because you do in my opinion, and experience, need to tap into this power. I love how you have given us a visual where it resides. Further to what you were saying about someone thinking about this in terms of you should do this, or you have to do this or whatever, it's also all of those times somebody may have said to, to us, you know, you will, you should have, you could have, you did. Blame. It's all of these things. And, you know, it's that old saying, but it's so true, we can hear a thousand good things and remember the one bad. So it's essential, again, building on everything we've talked about to this point, to have it culminating and thinking about your personal power. Your power. Whatever you want to call it. That place that's really your strength. 

Vonne Solis  47:45  
Okay, so Anne, I've got one last thing I want to talk about and have people think about. And this is the idea of control. To me, it goes hand in hand with power. Possibly, being aware at a highly innate level that you're losing it and therefore you want to control things. Or, you know, you just have a part of your nature because of something that's happened and there's a huge need to control around you. Trauma, again, is like that. I don't want anything else bad happening. I can't have it. I can't deal with it. I need to control every single thing around me. And listen, I've been like that for a long time. And I'm aware of it now and I can manage it. But you say so poignantly, and again, I'm going to be remembering this, when we have the need, you know, to control to the point that all the colors in the crayon box disappear. So why I'm bringing that up for people to think about is because that is such a good visual. To be so rigid in one's thinking. Or so survival-based instinctually driven. Ahh, it has to be this way. Whatever is driving the need to control and I think we all have a little bit of that within us. I still think it comes from our reptilian brain to ensure our survival. Is there anything that you could suggest to help people even start to give up just a little bit of control? Like to have every color crayon, keep it in that box. 

Anne Round  49:23  
So, for me in my life, there was a period where I was raising my three children. My husband was in the Navy, and he was away a huge amount. And I had to have a fairly big control of things. I was running my own clinic and had these these kids and you know, it was really crazy busy. And I just, you know, I had a level of control that meant every single day, like my husband would go away for three months. Well I would have all the meal planning for three months done.

Vonne Solis  50:03  

Anne Round  50:05  
And I would have food in the freezer. And I mean, this is a level of control. Now this is, I'm speaking, this is not having control because I'm worried about surviving and things like that. I mean, it was my survival at that time. But I realized people's situations are much more dire than this. But it's just trying to give an example.

Vonne Solis  50:26  
It's important Anne. It's important because there's lots of people today running around just like you did. So it's important.

Anne Round  50:32  
So I had three months of meals all planned. Now, and it was all written out on the calendar and it was actually perfect for me. Because it meant I knew what was happening for dinner every day. But there came to be the point where my husband wasn't going to see in that same capacity. And I no longer needed to control that aspect of my life to that degree. But it took a conscious choice again, to change my behavior.

Vonne Solis  51:08  
I have to just ask you here, though. Even when you said that the level of you know what you were trying to control, three months worth of meals might not be the same, but in a way I kind of think it is. Because what was it about that three months? Something was going to happen maybe you couldn't handle if the meal wasn't wasn't already planned and the groceries in the freezer. And then further to that, what was it that was going to happen if you couldn't handle it? Do you know what I'm saying? 

Anne Round  51:41  
Oh, yeah.

Vonne Solis  51:41  
That's, I think, what control is about for just about everybody.

Anne Round  51:46  
Yeah. We all are trying to control to stay safe. 

Vonne Solis  51:50  
Yes, there you go.

Anne Round  51:52  
Trying to stay safe and keep my three children safe. And one of the ways of that is that I need to eat.

Vonne Solis  52:00  

Anne Round  52:02  
Control is, as far as I know, it's always about safety and security. 

Vonne Solis  52:09  

Anne Round  52:09  
In the world that we find ourselves in. And sometimes it's not. It doesn't feel safe and secure. And you need to control it in some way. So control is important. And it's like anything in the world. There is absolutely nothing wrong with control in the correct atmosphere, level, intention. But if there is something that is controlling you from doing something else. If you are so controlled that you won't walk out your door, now that can be controlled by someone else. That could be controlled by your fear that if I walk out the door, something's going to happen. Like, let's, let's say that's your fear. Your fear is, if I walk out that door, something's going to happen. So I'm never walking out that door. Well, so for me, we've got a problem. First piece with that problem is saying, Hi, I've got a problem. I can't walk out my door. The first piece is is admitting to yourself that I have a control, you know, there's a control issue here. I'm controlling myself. I need to look at this. The second step might be opening your front door.

Vonne Solis  53:29  
Yeah. I have a really good example though, while we're talking. So the anxiety part I talked about, okay? So I order these supplements from the States three or four times a year. And they're a little bit expensive. So when I know my parcel is coming, I am quite excited to get it. There's been three or four examples where it hasn't reached me. And then  I know, I know, no one's going to take responsibility for it, blah, blah, blah. And it's a nightmare. So they all got resolved those situations, but my brain was still triggered to understand something bad can happen. Now, again, this has nothing on the level of, you know, thinking something's going to happen to my surviving son. But I want to point this out for people who have stress and anxiety. The littlest thing can be the biggest mountain. So what I did was, and this points nicely to your second part to your response, do something about it. Something even small. I changed to flex delivery. And I tried it. And I just did it for the first time and had a parcel a couple of weeks ago, go to the post office. It means I have to go to the post office. But I trust it enough to number one, and here's what I want the audience to think about whatever your situation is. Trust yourself enough to make a change in your behavior once you've acknowledged that it's impacting your life, it's interfering with your life. So control when it's interfering for your life is the kind of control we're talking about. Trust yourself enough to make a little bit of a change. And if it doesn't work out, guess what? Trust that you can find a solution for the problem and make a different choice. And years and years and years of struggling with a whole bunch of different scenarios have taught me this. So I share that story because again, to reiterate, that no amount of control big or small, is crazy. And it is something that has to be dealt with and changed. The behavior has to be changed if it's interfering with your life because that's what makes us sick and keeps us locked indoors and keeps us from pursuing life, essentially. Think about whether or not your crayon box is full of colors, or not. 

Vonne Solis  55:50  
Anne, this has largely turned into something a little different than I had intended to talk to you about today. But it has been very insightful. I just wanted to ask you, as we come to the top of the hour here, whether there's anything else you wanted to offer to the audience. I am going to be putting a link to your website where they can find your book. I again, you're the author of Essences of Truth, Inspirations from Loving Life. I will attest to the fact that you have beautiful, beautiful inspirations. Wonderful exercises. And overall wise messaging in your book. So I do encourage anybody to go to your website and look into getting your your book, if you want some daily comfort. You can turn to any, as you call them essays, they're 29 essays, and just be comforted in the few pages that are filled with such impacting words. So thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world in that way. So is there anything else that you would like to share as we close this episode out?

Anne Round  57:05  
I really encourage people to trust life. There's a lot of things that are unknown and uncertain. But we just need to walk forward in life, trusting that we are love. We are loved, and we are loving. And that our pure essential nature will move forward in the world with kindness and respect can be our very best choice for navigating any times of uncertainty. So I just encourage people to really trust. And as always, love yourself. It's the first step.

Vonne Solis  57:52  
Yeah. And I'm just going to give the audience you know, the quote that you have for your own, your own saying, is that each of us gets to choose our way of believing that life is for us. And that is a powerful statement. So I want you to just think about that as we as we close this out. And I thank you so so much for being here Anne. It's been wonderful, and I'm sure it's going to be impacting for a lot of people.

Anne Round  58:26  
I hope so. And thank you so much Vonne. It's been a  wonderful conversation. I hope people can walk away with a few pointers.

Vonne Solis  58:36  
I think they will. I think they will. So thanks again.