Grief Talk w/ Vonne Solis

Ep. 31 From Cancer to Cure: A Journey of Self-Healing

March 22, 2023 Vonne Solis/Linda Lang Season 2 Episode 31
Grief Talk w/ Vonne Solis
Ep. 31 From Cancer to Cure: A Journey of Self-Healing
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In this episode, my guest Linda Lang, Master Healer, Transformational Guide and Mentor, shares her journey of reliance, faith and the life purpose she found by choosing to find her own cure for an aggressive and rare form of cancer she was diagnosed with at just age twenty-two.

It was the early 80's. Linda was newly married and had just had a baby. The only medical option was to amputate her leg or risk certain death. Neither option that she wanted. This compelled Linda to go on a journey that would ultimately transform her life from cancer to cure through the power she held within. Listen to her story.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice nor should it be taken as such.

0:00    Welcome
0:32    Introduction to Linda
3:30    Linda's story
6:47    Managing fear
10:47  Connecting to Creative Intelligence
14:33  Childhood questioning
15:28  Personal power
17:38  Self-healing
21:53  Do we create our own illnesses?
25:07  You can change your story
30:57  Energy healing
36:07  Doorway into yourself
39:48  Chunk up or chunk down
45:23  Water Whispering
49:29  Emotional Alchemy
54:32  Power through vulnerability
56:22  Linda's resources
58:31  Closing

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Vonne Solis  0:00  
Welcome to another episode of Grief Talk. Everything you want to know about grief and more. I'm your host, Vonne Solis. As an author, life transformation coach, online instructor and bereaved mom since 2005, I'll be bringing you great content that is informative, inspiring and practical. Whether you have suffered a loss or other adversity, stay tuned and tapped in as I cover a variety of topics to help you get where you want to go on your journey to heal and grow. 

Vonne Solis  0:32  
Today's guest is Linda Lang. Having survived a devastating diagnosis of cancer at age 22, with not much hope for recovery, Linda chose to transform her mind and her body through a journey of self healing. Now with over 35 years experience, Linda works as an Emotional Alchemist, Water Whisperer and gifted healer. Her transformational work merges energy medicine, intuitive guidance and thought-changing techniques to release limiting thoughts, unresolved emotion and move blocked energy to bring alignment, awakening, and to hone one's innate gifts. 

Vonne Solis  1:11  
Welcome to the show, Linda, I have been so excited to talk to you. So for my audience, I just want to introduce you quickly up front to Linda Lang. We have lots to talk about today. Hello, Linda.

Linda Lang  1:25  
Hi, Vonne. It's great to be here.

Vonne Solis  1:28  
Once again, I really do thank you. I'm just going to give a quick introduction to Linda's work further to the introduction I already provided to the audience. Linda, your life, your website is called Thought Change. And we are all about thought change. You and I are very, very aligned in our approach to healing. Our approach to self-responsibility. In other words taking responsibility for our life circumstances, which includes our healing. You have a fascinating story to tell. And even though it occurred for you over three decades ago, your story, I think, resonates today. And will always resonate with people struggling with a diagnosis, or even moving beyond a little bit into a tragedy that is unexpected for them. And so we're all about on this podcast, Grief Talk, Everything you want to know about grief and more, your story covers, you know, the grief aspect of it. I'm going to let you tell it, and but also, the more. The more about what we can do to help ourselves become responsible for our life. Our life situations. The good and bad experiences. Which is not an easy thing to do. But it is incredibly noble and humbling. And it is really in that vein and context that I think you and I do our work. Share our stories. It's not easy to share your personal experiences that make us really vulnerable. It is to help people consider that realization for themselves and then act on it as they are called to do so. So on that note, Linda, if you could explain for my audience what happened to you at twenty-two. And then I'm going to get into some more questions based on how your life transformed.

Linda Lang  3:30  
Yeah, absolutely Vonne. And I agree with you that there's so much power in sharing our stories. For many, many, many years, I didn't share my story because I didn't want to be identified with it. And my lovely spirit guides popped in and said, the story is just a story unless you share it. And then it has the power to transform lives. So I started sharing it. 

Linda Lang  4:00  
When I was twenty-two, I was married. I had a young baby. I was so happy. I can remember actually saying to the Universe that my life is perfect. I don't ever want it to change. And very shortly after that, I had a diagnosis of a very rare and aggressive cancer. And it just totally turned my world upside down. The prognosis was that I needed to have my leg amputated. And if I did, I had a 50% chance of living for five years. If I didn't, I would be dead within a year. And you can imagine, you know, I was obviously very young. I was healthy. So I thought. I didn't really drink I didn't smoke. I didn't do anything that would precipitate something like this. And there was no cancer in the family at all. So it was really out of the blue. And I started having these, I don't really know how to describe it. I'd say maybe mystical experiences. And I had a visitation. I had a knowing. I had this repetitive dream not to have the surgery. And it didn't bode very well with my medical doctors, obviously. So I ended up leaving traditional medicine at that time and seeking my healing. through other means, let's say. So I learned how to listen to my body, first of all. The most important thing. I took herbal supplements. I would I learned how to muscle test. I learned how to kind of tap into what was good for me and what wasn't good for me. And, you know, here I am, right? Like 35, almost 40 years later. And I have both of my legs. I've never had, you know, another bout of cancer.

Vonne Solis  6:22  
You look fantastic. And the reason your story, and I'm so grateful you are here, and I'm so grateful you have your two beautiful legs. The reason I'm so intrigued by your story is one, there's many reasons but one, is the timeframe that this happened for you. And was this in the about the 80s? 

Linda Lang  6:46  
Oh, yes, early 80s.

Vonne Solis  6:47  
Early 80s. So back then the courage it would have taken. The courage it takes anybody now to say I'm going to, you know, toss the traditional and go alternative. And we've actually had family members on my husband's side that have had cancer and died from it. Some as young as 50. And it's in that last rush when you get the diagnosis, that oh, I'm going to I'm going to get rid of eating meat. I'm going to not do I'm not going to be around chemicals. They'll do anything and everything to try what usually seemed to be mostly alternative therapies. And for several of them it you know, they they didn't make it. They had very severe aggressive forms of cancer. So I know all about the cancer in the family. I haven't had it on my side. And it's not in my consciousness, so touch wood I won't ever get anything, you know, disease-wise. But the courage it would have taken for you, Linda back then, in the time period. Second of all, you're age. Twenty-two? You know, our brains aren't even developed till mid-twenties. So you're faced with also other responsibilities number three. Your new baby. Your new marriage. The grief associated with having to give up this perfect life. Right? And then I would also think the questioning. So I have two questions for you. One is, how did you stay so focused to manage that fear that you must have been feeling? And what do you think, at such a tender age, was driving you to listen to your body? Your Higher what probably was your higher self. And even I would wager being super in touch with your purpose on this planet?

Linda Lang  8:46  
Oh, those are big questions Vonne. Both of them are big questions. 

Vonne Solis  8:50  
Yeah, I know.

Linda Lang  8:52  
That first one, you know that first one? I would slip into fear quite a bit. You know. I was very young and had not thought about my mortality. And I had a whole life to live that I wanted to live. So it was really challenging for sure. We lived in an area, a good six hour drive from any family members. So we were really very isolated. Back in the early 80s there weren't video calls. You know, there was a telephone call and and that was about it. So it was a real challenge. My husband thankfully was totally, totally amazing. And he never told me what to do. 

Vonne Solis  9:41  

Linda Lang  9:42  
And even though, you know this is pretty this is, you know, obviously very serious and he just trusted the decisions. They came, even though they came in fear, it was like a knowingness. Like the fear was on, on the outside, maybe that I would kind of walk back and forth through. But there was just such a knowingness. And having a visitation didn't help. It didn't help me not trust it, let's say. Or, or 

Vonne Solis  10:17  

Linda Lang  10:17  
kind of be clear. It really solidified my trust that, you know, there is a creative intelligence in the universe that is based in love. And we can tap into it. So much more is possible for us than our typical conscious mind is willing to imagine even.

Vonne Solis  10:47  
I agree. At the time, so when you look back. Obviously, years and years, decades later, you've got wisdom. And you can maybe see the moments. I mean, I remember when I first connected with my higher self, and I saw color. And I was about 26, 27. And I wouldn't have registered it at the time, oh, this is my higher self. But I actually even met family members in color. It was, but I was never the same. Now, that wasn't my third eye opening. Because my third eye didn't open until my daughter died in 2005. And then my third eye opened just right after that. And that was a very beautiful experience to see your eye all the time. But this this first introduction to high self. I call it high self. We can call it anything. But at that moment, I'm I'm saying I might have been connecting to that soul part of me. That, like, I didn't understand a lot of it. But the experience absolutely transformed me energy-wise. Did you, then looking back, and I'm just going to ask this. You you may not have an answer, or it just might be very, very unique to yourself. And I welcome that. What do you think you were connecting with in that time period? This higher, I know, it's creative intelligence. But do you think of was part of your soul? Your higher self? Like, did you ever form words for that?

Linda Lang  12:15  
Yeah, sort of, I guess. You know, I had this, I had this experience one night very shortly after being diagnosed. And I had gone to visit my sister and stay with her overnight to just try and you know, sometimes you have to just kind of get away from the circumstances to regroup, let's say. And so I was I was in bed, and she lived in the country. So it was really dark. And I remember it being so dark, that I actually took my finger and put it to my nose, and I couldn't see my finger. 

Vonne Solis  12:55  

Linda Lang  12:56  
I couldn't see. It was so dark. And while I was there, I prayed for strength. And I got this incredible golden orb come through the ceiling and come down, stop right in front of my face. And then it went up my nose cartilage into my third eye. And that's when I had my experience. And at that time. I don't know that I had words for it at that time. It was very much like, not being in a body. Not, I was made, but not my physical me. It's my 

Vonne Solis  13:42  

Linda Lang  13:42  
my knowing of myself. And I was just inundated with all of this cosmic, unconditional love. And it would be wave after wave. And each wave would build on the next. So it was like, you would think, you know, this is the love of the universe. Another wave would come and there'd be more love, and more love and more love. And it was just incredible. I probably at that time, I might have I don't know, maybe thought it was God or 

Vonne Solis  14:15  

Linda Lang  14:16  
like that kind of Source energy. Now, when I look at that? That little portal is inside me. I access that through, through my third eye. 

Vonne Solis  14:30  

Linda Lang  14:31  
That was me.

Vonne Solis  14:33  
Yes. Yeah, I think that for people listening to this or watching this. You know, I always think that there is something about ourselves, even in childhood, where we might be questioning. I was always questioning, there has to be more. Were you like that Linda?

Linda Lang  14:49  
I didn't, I didn't question things like that. But I questioned the people around me. Because one of the gifts I have is being able to see patterns and and be able to see consequences, let's say. And I'd be like, why are they doing that? I could would be five years old and think, why are they behaving like that? Because this is going to happen if they do that. I would spend hours on a swing, just looking at at the sky. I love the sky. It was almost like that was more home. 

Vonne Solis  15:25  

Linda Lang  15:26  
Than my feet on the ground.

Vonne Solis  15:28  
I think that we all, I think you might agree with this. That we all come here with the equal opportunity to tap into our extended power. I call it personal power, extended power. But anyway, to that God consciousness. Which opens the door to us in, as you know, and we're going to be talking about that as we go along here. It just, it makes the impossible possible. And other people will say, Oh, you're lucky. Oh, like, how did that happen? It never happens to me. Like those kinds of experiences over and over and over again. But when we're really living aligned with our, our power. And when I say that, I don't say that loosely. And I know, you know that Linda. We, I do believe that we're all a chip off the old block of Creative Source. It's all within us. It might be miniscule. And that's what gives us, this is what ignites that power. This is what fuels that power and keeps it going. And then there's all other things. Free will and all of that kind of stuff that plays into it. Soul contracts and so on. 

Vonne Solis  16:29  
But I still believe that this, like I would consider you a child, you know, questioning that and being able to even understand consequences, pretty profound. So while we can't put it into words, and I'm saying this because parents, if you remember yourselves that way, as a child. I should say, audience or parents have a child with those kinds of abilities. Questionings, that kind of stuff. I've always looked at children as equal to us, quite frankly. And as quite often wiser. Sometimes they're older souls, and sometimes they're way wiser. And sometimes they're really here to teach us a lot. And so I really respect children. So that, but what I was going to say is that once it's ignited like that, and and even if you have memories from from a very young age. Just even that questioning. That yearning. I used to look at the sky to through my bedroom window. And I'm not sure what I was looking for, but I was looking for something more. And maybe maybe we are kind of reaching for home. Like I don't know. Like this connection, which really, we're so fortunate when we can connect to Source. 

Vonne Solis  17:38  
So the journey was ongoing for you. I do have one quick question. I did notice in your website that one thing that you said when it's "About Linda", is you turned to self-healing and I'm paraphrasing, because you were finding that healers that you went to couldn't really heal you. And I think this is a significant point I wanted to jump on. Because a lot of people go to healers. A lot of people go to psychics. A lot of people go to mediums. They want answers. They want to be told what to do, but they don't want to do the work themselves. So I just wanted you to, if you could, explain why you didn't think, and again at such a young age to understand this. What was it about them and more specifically, what was it within you, that you understood another person couldn't heal you?

Linda Lang  18:35  
Yeah, what a great question. Really. Back in that time, when I would go to see a healer and I was very energy-sensitive, so I I'm actually the one who found the cancer in my body. And the doctors couldn't believe that I found it. And I just knew something was kind of not right. And being an energy-sensitive then, I didn't feel any kind of a shift often when I'm, I won't, say every energy person, right that I went to. But most often, I didn't feel a shift. I didn't see any signs of a shift. Any manifestations of anything. Any you know, even a healing crisis kind of reaction. Nothing. And and I just thought you know, I just thought everything is energy. We can we can manipulate energy. We shouldn't be able to heal through energy. Why can't I sense anything? And when I started to take courses and again, I took courses really to help myself, all of my teachers said, Oh Linda. You know, you're a natural at this. You really should be doing this. I had zero intent on being a healer, right? 

Vonne Solis  20:14  

Linda Lang  20:15  
Really very self-focused. And I kind of made it my mission to have people have a more tangible experience of an energy session. And I think times even now, right, they are a little bit different, I think. It's a little easier to have some pretty profound changes very quickly. Back then when we were starting, it's like the wheels were going very slowly. So it took longer. And there is also that awareness, of course, that a healer isn't actually healing you. Maybe they're pulling out some energy or removing some blockages so that your own healing processes can happen. Your own innate wisdom can come through. And, of course, as the sovereign person in your life, I mean, you can block that anytime you want. You can go to a healer to remove something and carry on with the same actions. The same beliefs. The same, you know, emotional baggage, if you want. 

Vonne Solis  20:15  

Linda Lang  20:18  
And you'll end up with the same. It's a it's a really, I think, healing, when you work with a healer, it's a partnership. 

Vonne Solis  21:43  

Linda Lang  21:44  
It's not all their responsibility. It's maybe not 100% yours, either. It's that it's teamwork, I think.

Vonne Solis  21:53  
So, again, for the audience and for people that do need help, we all need help. Listen, we all need a helping hand and we all learn from stories. We all learn from other people's experiences. But I do agree with you, Linda, that you have to want to heal. You have to even you don't just have to be willing. A lot of my work is in just being willing. Once you are willing, the doors can just fly open for you. And of course, there are some things that are much harder to heal from. So that is is again, something that in my world, choosing bereavement and loss of a child, this is the greatest challenge I've taken on. Other than that, hey, I'm like, yeah, yeah. I can have the perfect life and so on and so forth. So I've been presented with other challenges that I'm going to be honest, have not exactly, despite my 40 years at this metaphysics, been easy to just accept and implement in my life. Do you believe, I'm pretty sure you're gonna say yes, but do you believe that we create our own illnesses? As much as we create our own experiences and stories, you I'm going to say you probably believe that we create the bad just as much as the good, right?

Linda Lang  23:15  
I'm gonna say yes. I will say of course, I say yes. It's a little bit more complicated than just yes, though. Because sometimes we create it with negative thinking, or, you know, negative patterns. Sometimes we're healing the lineage. Sometimes, we manifest something for our soul's evolution, or for the evolution of the souls around us. For the soul growth of our family. Our friends. So it's not cut and dry that, ah you had these bad thoughts. 

Vonne Solis  23:54  

Linda Lang  23:55  
You got this disease. It's your fault. It's really not about blame. For my own self many, many, many years afterwards, my my guides came in and told me that the root cause of the cancer I had was that my subconscious if you like. My unconscious. My energy system was putting all of the resentments that I was holding onto into that leg. And that having that leg cut off would have been one way to get rid of those resentments. But I chose to actually work through and, you know, release the judgments that I had about myself or other people or circumstances. And just to embrace really compassion and, and accepting, you know, this is the way it is. This is how this person is. This is how I am. And letting that be okay instead of, you know, jumping on that bandwagon. I learned so much so young. I tell you, Vonne.

Vonne Solis  25:07  
Yeah, yeah. I'm, I did, too. I started like at 25 ironically, when I was expecting my daughter and thought I was going to lose her. And then I did lose her anyway twenty-two years later. But that's another point. We don't have time to talk about it today. But that is another point that is just so interesting. And I invite people to consider is, I agree with you that that things aren't cut and dry. In a very, in a very general way, I believe, yes, we create our experiences. But within that, and this is where it gets adventurous and interesting and you gotta do the work. Because within that, you need to start, in my experience and view, dissecting and going deeper and deeper and deeper and looking at all the relationships and where people play in it. And if you're fortunate enough that you can open yourself up to understand soul contracts, and what your relationships past, present, future mean. Why they're in your life. Why they're not in your life. And sometimes you can go to people to help you understand this through past life regression. Through you know, hypnosis. Through all sorts of various techniques. But once you get once you understand that, that's your information, to shape your story differently. Would you agree with that, Linda?

Linda Lang  26:31  
Yeah, it certainly can be. It can be a door to shape your story differently. But I really like to encourage people to understand at any point of time, under any circumstances, you can change your story. Without having to, you know, do past life regression. It is fascinating. 

Vonne Solis  26:53  

Linda Lang  26:53  
you know? But at any moment, you can, you know, just decide to look at things differently.

Vonne Solis  27:01  
Yeah. And again, thought change. That was actually going to be my next question for you. You did talk about in your website and you've talked about how one of the, well some of the crucial things you had to do on your your beginning self-healing journey, was to let go of old stories. Emotional triggers. Limiting beliefs. Very, very, and I think that, you know, this is something that can challenge a lot of us throughout our lives, depending what happens to us. And how long we keep ourselves in certain situations and fighting the course and all this kind of stuff. When you let it flow, folks, it flows, doesn't it, Linda? Life just flows. I just know for me, there's always going to be things that are teaching, you know, that I need to learn. That are going to be teaching me and to have as expanded a consciousness as I can by the time I die. That is my goal. Is to absolutely be as fully expanded consciously and in every other way as I can be. Despite whether the body feels broken. Isn't perfect and all, that. It's not about the body. It's really for me about the mind. But to even get people just thinking about this, Linda, in terms of self-responsibility. In terms of Oh, yeah, like, maybe I have to do something to, you know, change my thoughts. What would you invite them to think about? And I'm thinking about the person who's never considered this before. The people that have, I think they kind of know what to do. But for the person that might be tuning into this and going, huh? What? Change my thoughts like and I can change my experiences? Is there one thing that you could speak to them about that would just help them get on that path?

Linda Lang  28:48  
The thing that pops into my head Vonne, are the people that always seem to be struggling. Always have issues. Whether it's in their relationships. In their work. And they seem to go from struggle to struggle to struggle. And it's always, you know, a little bit of maybe victimhood going on. It's always well, that, you know, this person did this that upset my life. And this person did this, is the common denominator is you. I'm thinking very specifically of someone who, probably for, I don't know, maybe 15 years, there's always always someone upsetting her feathers, let's say. And she's just recreating the same thing over and over again. Is she willing to actually change her thoughts though? That's a very good question because we can become very addicted to our points of view. And we tend to believe our thoughts, even though they're not necessarily true. They're just one perspective of the whole thing. I guess if I had that conversation with someone, typically what I would do, would be either some kind of energy thing that is totally out of their box so they could see that there's more than what they know. Or the other thing that I might do would be like to totally flip a totally different perspective. If I didn't have the sense they were open to energy, then I would, I would flip a different point of view. And quite often when I do that, they're like, oh, you know, they hadn't even considered of looking at the circumstance from the perspective of the other person.

Vonne Solis  30:57  
Yeah, that leads me to my next question. And again, I'm not sure. We're gonna keep this a little bit surface today, because my podcast is really about just introducing people to ideas to sort of get that noggin' going and going, hmm, maybe. Maybe. Because you said, Linda, we get addicted to our beliefs. I think we get addicted to our pain. I think we get addicted to our dysfunction. I think we get addicted to an awful lot of things so it's a perfect choice of words in terms of people recreating and creating over and over and over again, what they don't want to experience. I'm also just going to throw in here and don't anyone get mad at me, but I'm going to throw in here, I think that our general tendency can be. I'm not saying it is for everyone, but I'm speaking hugely general terms here, to be lazy about themselves. They might put a lot of work into everything, and everyone BUT themselves. And I'm not sure. It's been a question that I've pondered for decades, actually and I've had the good fortune of having a sister who's very aligned. We're both Angel Healing Practitioners and so we've had tons of conversations about stuff like this. And it's like, what would it take for a person, you know, besides their absolute lowest and even then, not necessarily. But what would it just take for a person to become so curious about themselves? And that moreness of their life? Of all of our lives? And I don't have the answer. I don't have the answer. But, and it doesn't keep me up at night. But I'm just saying we all have, that's why I'm saying. We all have equal opportunity to push open those doors. And there's just so much more when you consider life in terms of all of that more that we can't see. We can only feel and experience it. And you certainly can't convince anybody of it. But speaking of your energy, work, for sure, Emotional Alchemist. Water Whisperer. I love that. And of course, a healer. Maybe I could invite you to just talk a little bit about your work and certainly the work that you are maybe most aligned with. And what I mean by that is, you know, it's you might have other things that you do, but is there an area of work that's like, you know, this is it, I came to the planet to do this. Can you just speak about some of that and maybe techniques? And, and, and also how you view energy as healing? Because people may not understand what? Like, how does energy heal? What is that energy?

Linda Lang  33:44  
Okay, so another big question. Lots of goodies in it. So, we we everything is made up of energy, right? Everything physics has shown us that. It also has shown us that it rearranges itself according to what the viewer is expecting. This is quantum physics 101. Kind of an experiment that the scientists did. And they were totally amazed with the wave or the particle right? And it ended up being both things. So if you consider energy is actually being intelligent, it changes your perspective of can it be used for for healing or not? The energy I work with is intelligent. I think most energy is intelligent. Maybe there's you know, different higher levels of you know, spiritual energy and, and more physical kinds of energy. It's, it's just such a different way of looking at life. When you consider that everything is energy, every thought, you know, is energy. Your emotions are energy. If people started paying attention to how they physiologically responded to their thoughts or to their words, or to the words of other people, they'd be able to tell if their energy opens up or closes down. Or how I always express this. Does it give me life or does it bring me life? Or does it take life away? Does it give me energy? Does it take energy away? 

Linda Lang  35:44  
Maybe a good example of this would be you're talking with a friend and she's had a rough day. And she just like, gives you the whole scenario. And you get off that phone call and you feel like you weigh 1000 pounds. You've just take taken that energy on from her

Vonne Solis  36:05  

Linda Lang  36:06  

Vonne Solis  36:06  

Linda Lang  36:07  
So when we can start clearing these energy attachments that we've picked up. That we've created for ourselves, and we then open our energy of more, we have more access to our own light. To our own consciousness. To our own self-expression. There's more self-love. There's more self-acceptance. And when we can live from that place, we're giving everyone around us the permission to also love and accept themselves. So it's just a total win win gift. So in my work, I tend to work with two different kinds of people. The kind of people that are really struggling with something emotional or a recurring pattern, or, you know, something in their life isn't flowing the way they want it, want it to be. And then the other kind of people are really the people who are on their spiritual path. And they, they want to evolve as much as possible. So they want to really connect with their own soul's light and their own gifts and their own purpose. And I always say it doesn't really matter why you come. It doesn't even matter what your issue is because whatever it is, it's a doorway into yourself.

Vonne Solis  37:36  
Yes, I love that. Let's just want to stop there for just a quick, quick second. Whatever the issue is, it's a doorway into yourself. That is beautiful, Linda. And I did want to also ask you about water whispering, but when people, so your first type of client with an emotional problem, and maybe they're not on the spiritual path yet. So would you say it's just being open to the idea like that they have a choice about. This, this is how my work is, but that they have a choice about how they want to experience life? Like, I'm not sure what the very first thing is that brings people to an awareness that they can and in fact, even want more for themselves. Because I think a lot of people shortchange themselves. And so what's what's the one thing they can think about? I know this is a bit loaded, but big question, maybe. But what's the one thing that you would just say to them? Somebody watching or listening to this, that they can, I'm not going to say they can have it all, but they can have what they believe they deserve? How do they even get to that point to consider they want more? You know what I mean? 

Vonne Solis  39:02  
The reason I the reason I'm asking it, this, Linda is because of world affairs. A lot of stuff weighs town. And it's hard enough for those of us who are already on the path and have decades in it. And I mean, I even get waylaid a little bit. So I'm kind of actually asking this for myself, too. For those of us that are feeling really, you know, discouraged by world affairs and so on. Especially if you're an empath, and you feel this. So it's kind of. Yeah, so how do we even start to think the world can change in my case that we could have peace one day! Or for that person that I could want more. Yes, never mind even understanding deserving it. Just want more.

Linda Lang  39:48  
Well, two, but two possibilities. The first one, I would say that it's the wisdom actually. The Dalai Lama has actually said it. And it is the technique NLP, which is neurolinguistic programming. And you can either chunk up or chunk down. And what that means is, if you feel like the world is one hot mess right now, bring your awareness instead of on the big picture, bring it down to something very simple and very small. Very detailed. Maybe it's the beautiful orchid that's sitting on your desk, or, you know, this delicious cup of coffee you've made yourself. Or something really inspiring for your soul that can just capture your attention for a moment and bring you very present with the beauty that is here. Okay? You can also if, if your you know, your life around you is is a hot mess, then you would chunk up and you can just wake up to the stars at night and, and just know how amazing it is that you are even here. How beautiful the world is. How divinely orchestrated the cosmos is. It brings a feeling of wonder and awe whether you go really, really big, or really, really small. So that's one tip that I would suggest. 

Linda Lang  41:34  
The other tip for a person who's not maybe on their spiritual path yet, I might try to bring them back to memories of their childhood and how they had that sense of awe. And that sense of anything being possible because we all came here with that. It still resides in us someplace. 

Vonne Solis  42:04  

Linda Lang  42:04  
Maybe our conscious mind has forgotten. 

Vonne Solis  42:07  

Linda Lang  42:08  
But it's there. It's there. And there are you know, there are all kinds of meditations or processes to take you back there if you have a hard time remembering. One very quick little story that I'd love to share. 

Vonne Solis  42:22  

Linda Lang  42:23  
Has to do with a beautiful woman. She was 82 when she came to see me. She was a church deacon. And let me tell you, going to an energy healer was like the, furthest thing out of her box. 

Vonne Solis  42:37  

Linda Lang  42:38  
But here she was at my door. She had been recommended by a friend of hers, who was my client and she was having trouble sleeping. She was booked for a double hip replacement. But they weren't going to be able to give her the surgeries for at least two years. So she couldn't sleep more than two hours. So she was exhausted. Right? So she came. She ended up coming four times. Now, hip, the hips, right? They're kind of the anchors of the pelvic girdle, right? Turns out her hips were holding really, really deep grief. Really deep grief because her only son, who she loved so much. He was a fireman. She was so proud of him. He drowned saving, actually he saved someone who fell into a river. And their dog also was drowning. So he went back for the dog. And then he was exhausted, right? Because he'd saved this, this young child and and went back for the dog and he ended up drowning. And it just ripped her apart. I mean, fifteen years later, if you even said his name, she would burst into tears. That's how much grief she was holding on to. And it was all stored in the hips. So she came the first time and we did some work on it. She went home and she slept for ten hours straight. Got up, had breakfast and went back to bed for two hours. She came three more times and she never needed the hip replacements.

Vonne Solis  44:22  
I totally believe it. When my daughter died I kept an awful lot of pain in you know, my abdomen. Obviously related to childbirth. There was a lot of pain. I went to physical, no massage therapy. They found a lot of pain in my rear end. I'm not quite sure where that was from but, you know. And as I've said before in this podcast, I don't usually disclose stuff like that, but I will because I just understand that grief lives with pain of any kind. Grief from our childhoods. Linda, you'd know all of that with probably all the clients you've worked with and so on. We just hang on to so much pain. Which is going to lead me as we get to the top of the hour here, just a couple more questions. I wonder if you could just explain just because I'm so super curious, for the audience. What is both Emotional Alchemy and Water Whispering? Ooh, I love that.

Linda Lang  45:23  
Water whispering to me is very close to magic. So maybe I'll start with that. I have been gifted with two energies from Spirit. So they're not techniques or systems I was trained in. I have taken many, many trainings and modality learnings, let's say, but these two actually came from Spirit. And one of them is called the Diamond Ray. It's a beautiful, beautiful energy. When I was first told that I carried it, I started working with it on myself first because I didn't want to, you know, hurt anybody. I didn't know anything, right? So I was practicing on myself. And then when I started practicing on clients, I mean, they were like, don't do anything else. We just want this. Because it's just so quick and so peaceful. About six months after I started working with people, then I heard this voice, why don't you re-molecularize water? And I just stopped dead in my tracks. I was in my kitchen, and I was like, who said that? And there's no such word. I don't know how to do that. I went over to the counter. Poured myself a glass of water. And did it. So I mean, I've had so many people say, Oh, you have to teach how to do it. I don't know how to teach how to do it. Because I know how I access the energy because it runs through me. But if it doesn't run through you, it's not like there's a symbol that you could call it. So maybe some day, if I'm supposed to do that, then Spirit will pave the way. But for now, one of the ways I use that energy is to structure your water, your coffee, your tea, your bowl of soup. My guides tell me that's the most effective way of getting the energy into the physical body. They, you channel energy, it's got to go through all the layers of your energy body to get to the physical cell. Typically, I'll do the water so they can get it on the inside. And also channel it so they get it on the outside. So it kind of meets in between. And the crazy thing is that your beverage tastes different. It has a different texture. It works on the replay of a video. I've had I've done a couple in Australia where we did a jug. And they poured two glasses from the same jug and they could tell which water was theirs and which one wasn't. 

Vonne Solis  48:08  

Linda Lang  48:09  
So how intelligent is that really?

Vonne Solis  48:12  

Linda Lang  48:13  
I mean, it really is like magic. So I've had so many reports from physical things like headaches being taken away or chlorine taste taken away to past life healings and all kinds of stuff. So it is great fun. And I mean, to me it's, it's magic. And I don't feel you know, yes, I'm carrying this energy and I'm aligned with this energy. But it's not, oh, great Linda who can do this as 

Vonne Solis  48:44  

Linda Lang  48:45  
Oh wow. Am I ever blessed that this magic has come to me that I can share it with people? Right?

Vonne Solis  48:52  
And you have more information about Water Whispering on your site do?

Linda Lang  48:56  
Yes, I do. It's, I called when I asked them what to call it, they called it The Living Waters.

Vonne Solis  49:02  
The Living Waters. 

Linda Lang  49:04  
Yeah. I have some water healings on YouTube if anyone wants to try it. If you don't taste a difference with your water because people are have different sensitivities, right? 

Vonne Solis  49:14  

Linda Lang  49:14  
Try with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea because it takes the bitterness away and it's just delicious.

Vonne Solis  49:21  
Oh my goodness. Okay, well, I'm sold to look into that. The Living Waters.

Linda Lang  49:26  
I think at the bottom of the homepage there's a YouTube link.

Vonne Solis  49:29  
I'll take a look at that. That's so fantastic. And when you're dealing with Emotional Alchemy, Linda, I don't know if that's the bulk of your work that you do or a good part of the work that you do. And it's so key as you were saying a little earlier. Emotions are energy. Just like everything. We talked a little bit about that a while back. About everything is energy. Yes. Quantum physics has proven that and if you don't believe it, go touch a light socket. Just kidding. We are energy. You'll know that from static. Depending on, I guess my own vibrational level, I can be shocked. I used to live in a log house and I was shocked all the time. And switches and stuff, it got to the point where I was almost afraid to touch the light switches. But it was also possibly you know how I was growing consciously at the time, too. And I was working regularly channeling angels. So you could say that I was filled with a lot of energy at that point. So when we talk about Emotional Alchemy, and I actually don't know if I've heard that expression. That term with anybody else other than you, Linda, which makes you very special. But what's actually happening when someone is is going through Emotional Alchemy?

Linda Lang  50:44  
That's actually another term that my guides gave me and I love it. I really do love it. So if you think of an alchemist traditionally as someone who turns lead into gold, so Emotional Alchemist will turn those kind of dark, heavy, restrictive emotions and bring them into the light. Alright, to find the gold within it. To switch your vibration from being very low to being much more open and expansive. And as you spend more time in that open, expansive place, I mean, you recreate your life in such very different ways.

Vonne Solis  51:35  
Yeah, this is the point. So it's kind of like just sort of paraphrasing. Being willing to put yourself in a vulnerable space to open up. Not know what really is going to happen and almost allow yourself to become a channel. A vessel for whatever you're going to experience as healing. We all need healing. We're all here to evolve. I believe that with all my heart. That we are, we have come to this planet, even if we're evolving, and I'm speaking in general terms, through actions of darkness. So those people taking part in things that are very dark in this world, I do believe in the forces of dark and light. I don't I don't work enough in it and dabble. I don't dabble in it at all. But enough to understand that that temptation can be there. And when I became an Angel Healing Practitioner. I actually trained with Doreen Virtue back in 2006. Certified with her. And you know, it was like, surround yourself with the light. And so for many years, I had to because I was so vulnerable in my pain. And pain makes us really vulnerable people. Even if we're carrying pain from childhood. From a past relationship. From just being lost. From whatever. There isn't one of us that is going to escape pain on this planet. And when you start getting into energy work and opening yourself up, and you kind of have to do it, right, Linda? It's kind of a double edged sword. You have to do it to expand. But at the same time, you can make yourself vulnerable to some not very pleasant forces. And I was taught just to surround yourself with light.Just surround yourself with light. And I did have some dark energies try and get in. They really did. And it was very scary. But I just kept the light around me. And if you do that, that's one technique. I don't know if Linda, you practice that or have other techniques toward yourself, like guard yourself. I don't know what the word is, but protect yourself for people when they start opening up because it can be really scary. I remember being scared Linda, when I invited the angels into my life in 2005. And I actually even did a little bit of automatic writing. Kind of to test them. And it was true automatic writing where I lost control of my hand, my pen, and didn't even know it was just squiggles. But that wasn't the point. The point was at, that was the moment that I knew. I absolutely 100% knew the angels were with me. Another energy form if you will. And when we do that, would you not agree, Linda, that we are opening ourselves up to being our most vulnerable for our most growth and expansion? It's the best way I can sort of say it.

Linda Lang  54:28  
Well, that word vulnerable really scares a lot of people.

Vonne Solis  54:31  
 I know. 

Linda Lang  54:32  
It really does. It's almost like a cosmic joke when you think about it, that you find your power through vulnerability. But even in this 3D life, I mean, the people that can be really real and therefore vulnerable, really authentic, they're the ones that find their power. 

Vonne Solis  54:55  

Linda Lang  54:56  
A persona of power that they are trying to step into, right?

Vonne Solis  55:01  
Yea. And we all have that, and that's what, it all works together. So, Linda, I just wanted to wrap this up. This has been wonderful and we could have gone on and on about a lot of different different things. But it was just enough to give us a look into what you do. And here's some terms like Water Whispering and Emotional Alchemy that people might not have heard of. And I just love it. And your website is fantastic and filled with resources. And I'll have that link down below. And so I just want to invite people to check your website out. You are working with clients. Do you take new clients today still?

Linda Lang  55:39  
When I have space for them, absolutely. I would encourage anyone to reach out and see if, if there is a space and and see if we're a good fit. It's really important, I think. It might be one of the most important things when you do your healing work, is to have rapport with the person that you are doing your healing work. 

Vonne Solis  56:00  

Linda Lang  56:00  
It's maybe not so much about what technique as how much you trust that person and how much aligned you are really.

Vonne Solis  56:11  
Yeah, that's really good, a good point. You have some resources there as well, though, that I'm not sure if people can download them and what these resources are as products. What what are those?

Linda Lang  56:22  
I give a free book on my website called Learning to Listen. I think I think there's eight tips that you can start paying attention to. Your, your inner guidance system, which is always working, right? It's always trying to communicate with you and we just aren't paying attention to it. But if you can learn how to master your inner guidance system, your path will definitely be easier. I have another gift, which I don't think is on my website, but I'm happy to to provide a link for it. It's called Seven Signs That You're Out of Alignment. 

Vonne Solis  56:59  

Linda Lang  57:00  
Sometimes we think we're in alignment and we're not.

Vonne Solis  57:07  
I'll also include that link in the description. That would be enough of a start to even for those people, again, that are maybe a little doubtful of their own abilities. Maybe even doubting some of what we've talked about today. Our goal is not to change people's minds. Our goal is to invite people to consider more for their life. So is there anything else Linda that I may not have asked you that you'd like to share with the audience?

Linda Lang  57:38  
Well, Vonne, I would love to invite the listeners to check out my podcast, which is called Exploring the Mystical Side of Life if you're interested in, if you're interested in metaphysics, or spirituality, mysticism and alternative healing. I have some pretty interesting guests on there and I invite you to check it out.

Vonne Solis  58:02  
Yes, I actually apologize. I meant to actually mention that and it slipped my mind. I have listened to some of your episodes. You have an amazing podcast. So again, for folks, it's the Exploring the Mystical Side of Life. I'll put a link to that down there as well, Linda and but they can also find podcast episodes on your website. Because I checked them out. It's it's wonderfully done, wonderfully done. 

Vonne Solis  58:31  
So thank you so much Linda, for being here. This is a wonderful conversation. And of course, there's so much more we can dive into at a much deeper level when we talk about many things spiritual and mystical. But that's for another day. And I do thank you again for sharing what you do. Your wonderful gifts, your story. Let's not forget about your story. The whole point and like you know of this that got Linda on her path, was a very, very troubling, horrible cancer diagnosis at the young young age of twenty-two. And Linda took it upon herself to reject that. We are not telling people to reject traditional medicine. Nothing like that. But it was Linda's path to do so and carve out a life for herself. Where she's a vibrant, beautiful, fully healed woman and has been for many years and shares that wisdom and healing with others. And that in itself, I would say is almost a mystical miracle Linda. I thank you very much for being here.

Linda Lang  59:39  
It's really Vonne, my honor to share this time with you and your audience. Really, my pleasure.

Vonne Solis  59:47  
Okay, we shall talk again then. So thanks again, Linda.